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Dayton Balloon Rides!

Come experience what wondrous sights are possible from the unique perspective of a Dayton Balloon Ride! You’ll enjoy a flight through a cloud-covered wonderland while in the comfort of your own aerial observatory! A Dayton Balloon Ride from upwards of 1,500 feet will make the perfect setting for any special occasion.

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Skydiving in Dayton

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We recommend an extreme skydiving experience from Skydiving in Dayton!

Balloon Ride Testimonials

Roxanne - April 20th, 2016
"My husband and I took our first balloon ride this past Saturday and it was great!! I was a little nervous at first, but Daryl, our pilot, quickly put my fears to rest. His knowledge and experience made this trip a very memorable and enjoyable one. I would highly recommend Daryl and his crew to all my friends and family."

Barbara - June 1st, 2016
"Thanks to you and all your hard work straightening this out, we accomplished our ride on 6/01/16. Jason, our pilot, made a hot air balloon souvenir for me out of the cork from the champagne bottle. He was not only professional, friendly, and made us feel at ease the entire time. I "highly" recommend him for any rides in the futire. My son-in-law, daughter, and I had a blast! Again, thanks!!!"

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Dayton Balloon Rides
Ride a Hot Air Balloon high above Dayton, Ohio!

Welcome to Dayton Balloon Rides! We are a member of the American Ballooning Network who caters to customers all over the country, offering more balloon options and flight locations than any other network in Ohio. Dayton Balloon Rides offers professional customer service from Dayton Hot Air Balloon Experts who are available seven days a week to assist you. Call us today and our Dayton hot air balloon ride experts will gladly make your booking process a simple, fast and easy one.

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A simple yet tranquil Dayton Balloon Ride
There's no better option for a Dayton Balloon Ride!

Dayton Balloon Rides

Trust us for your Shared Dayton Balloon Ride!

Dayton Balloon Rides offers a full spectrum of different Hot Air Balloon Ride Packages. Going on a shared balloon is the simplest way to experience a Dayton Balloon Ride. Most hot air balloon baskets can hold anywhere from 2-8 passengers during a single ride. A shared Dayton Balloon Ride is just as it sounds; you will be sharing the basket with as many people as it takes to reach capacity. You can bring along enough people to fill the basket and enjoy a Dayton Balloon Ride with all of your friends! Be sure to ask about the basket’s capacity to ensure that your party comfortably meets the space/weight limitations.

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Make your Dayton Balloon Ride a private one!
Dayton Balloon Rides with a hint of romance!

Dayton Balloon Rides

In case a shared basket is not romantic enough...

Is your sense of romanticism a bit on the adventurous side? If so, embark on a Dayton Balloon Ride with that special someone and enjoy an intimate setting with a spectacular view. Love knows no bounds and nothing says that better than giving a unique journey through the sky with a Dayton Balloon Ride!

Rather than sharing the basket with others, the pilot will reserve the whole basket for yourself and that special someone. It’s hard to compare any Dayton Balloon Ride to another, but an exclusive basket makes your balloon ride that much better. Spend up to 1 hour floating over Dayton in a private hot air balloon made for two.

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Call Our Ballooning Experts at 1-877-822-7484 and take a Dayton Balloon Ride, Today!

Did you know that the first skydives done by balloon were completed here in Dayton? Completed by Captain Joseph Kittinger in 1959 for a government project Excelsior at Wright-Patterson AFB. What is so cool about this is that they were testing high altitude bailouts that would later lead the way for skydiving to become a commercial sport as well as hot air ballooning.

While this did put Dayton on the map for ballooning there are many other factors that made this city what it truly is today in terms of flight. For instance:

-Dayton has some amazing scenery: Yes from Englewood to Mad River, there is so much to see and while you are thousands of feet in the air you can see them with perfect clarity. Our balloons fly at two times a day. During sunrise and sunset. This is due to the fact that the weather, wind and temperature, is the most optimal as well as gives the most romantic and stunning views. From the sky you may see many things along the skyline the Centre City Building and Ohio River to name a couple. But no matter which direction of launch site you fly from you can be confident in the fact that you will have the best seat in the house.

-Dayton has some amazing weather. For 3 months out of the year our city serves as a gorgeous palette of reds, oranges and greens illustrating the change that happens between summer and winter during fall. But the summers here are amazing too in terms of the best temperature to fly ranging from 60 to 90 this is optimal for most days out of the summertime.

-Dayton has some really cool wedding venues. Okay so this one we will have to explain. As many of our clients choose to take a ride with us because we are famously known for our romantic flights, they will often utilize a ride with us to create the best atmosphere for their proposals. This is an incredible experience and what makes it more incredible is that it not only launches you into the sky but also into that next chapter of your life. You will want an even more spectacular reception and while we do offer wedding services for you to get married aboard our basket we also want to know a few places to refer you to, ya know in case you want to save that next flight for your honeymoon. The Dayton Racquet Club, Boonshoft Museum and Crowne Plaza are a few of our favorites in the Dayton area.

As you can see Dayton is an incredible place to visit as well as take a flight with us. During your 60 minute flight you can expect to see a side of the area that you have never seen before from the ground. Enjoy the ride in serene silence or allow us to tell you more about the history of ballooning in the area during your flight! Then, as is customary, we will have our champagne toast once we land! Give us a call today to get started on learning the most you can about Dayton from the comfort and solitude of our brilliant hot air balloon!

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